Tidal Migrations -Premium Insights for Source Code

Tidal Migrations -Premium Insights for Source Code

Source Code Analysis for Cloud Migration

Analyze your source code. Uncover roadblocks to cloud migration

Unlock the power of Premium Insights on your application source code with this add-on to your Tidal Migrations subscription.

Tidal Migrations provides your team with a simple, fast and cost effective cloud migration management solution. This add-on empowers your team with actionable insights on the applications you plan to refactor or replatform to Azure.

With this subscription you will quickly be able to scan your application source code, identifying roadblocks to cloud migrations based on 140+ patterns, detecting the frameworks in use (Struts, rails, jQuery etc.) as well as vulnerabilities in your code today. You will also be able to measure your code quality and agility, compare them to industry peers and get tangible metrics around your technical debt.

Provide dashboards to executives, and generate PowerPoint and Excel reports, and migrate with confidence.