Docker: Community Edition for CentOS 7.9

Tidal Media Inc

Docker: Community Edition for CentOS 7.9

Tidal Media Inc

Drive down operating costs and improve efficiency by taking advantage of a uniform operating model

Docker Community Edition for CentOS 7.9

Docker is a platform for building and containerizing your applications, acting as a client-server application. It simplifies and accelerates your workflow while giving developers the freedom to innovate with their choice of tools, application stacks, and deployment environments for each project.

We introduce a pre-configured solution from Tidal Media Inc., which contains the quick deployment template to start up and run Docker CE in the most painless way.

Docker Community Edition (CE) is an easy-to-deploy solution for building, assembling, and shipping container applications on Microsoft Azure. It is tightly integrated with the Azure infrastructure to deploy a secure Docker cluster spread over multiple availability zones, provision, and auto-configure load balancers.

The result is a high-performance, standard Docker deployment that lets you build, ship, and run portable apps in the cloud. Simplify provisioning and setup of Docker and accelerate your time to value in building and deploying container-based applications.

Docker Community Edition for CentOS 7.9 has the following notable benefits:

  • Easy installation and setup of an optimized Docker environment for Azure on bare metal servers and VMs
  • Latest Docker platform version with built in orchestration
  • (clustering and scheduling), runtime security, container networking, and volumes
  • Simple access and management using SSH
  • Quick and secure deployment of websites with auto-provisioned and auto-configured load balancers
  • Configurable ephemeral instance root disk size and type to hold images, containers, and volumes

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