IoT device management platform by TTPSC


IoT device management platform by TTPSC


IoT based platform for the fleet of devices management

Secure remote management of devices such as ATMs and respirators from a central location? This possibility is guaranteed by TTPSC IoT Device Management Platform cloud solution. It takes traditional remote management to the next level, offering a flexible approach that will adapt to the work of any organization. 

So, what is the IoT Device Management Platform by TTPSC really?

IoT Device Management Platform is a turnkey SaaS solution in the form of plug and play, based on the most popular public cloud – MS Azure. Thank to this, it is possible to focus on the speed of implementation, business impact, and scale. It enables the acceleration of digital transformation and the realization of quick profits from the achieved result.

What are the main characteristics?

  • Focus on getting value as quickly as possible
  • Fast rollout and connection to new devices
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • 100% based on Azure components

What are the benefits?

  • Fast-entry into large-scale digital transformation
  • Addressing the most popular pains of smart devices:
  • Remote monitoring of assets and KPI reporting, which allows for faster and making informed decisions
  • Shorter downtime, faster time to solve problems (TTF) thanks to service optimization through remote diagnostics, remote access, and control, Software Management Data available in one place
  • Supporting the team by making all the necessary data available in one place

What distinguishes the IoT Device Management Platform?

  • Unlimited devices – You can connect an unlimited number of devices to one secure network
  • Remote Access – Remotely update, monitor, configure, and secure devices from one place
  • Two-way communication – Possibility of downloading data from the device as well as sending files to the machine
  • Remote update – and modification of parameters of all connected devices from one location/secure network
  • Customization – Full adaptation to the needs and requirements