Trend Micro™ Mobile Network Security

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Trend Micro™ Mobile Network Security

Trend Micro

Hybrid cybersecurity for enterprise private mobile networks.

Advancements in connectivity bring new possibilities. It is essential to prepare for cyber threats that stem from utilizing connected mission-critical applications in a borderless internet of things (IoT) network environment.

Trend Micro Mobile Network Security is an end-to-end cybersecurity for Microsoft Azure Private multi-access edge compute (Azure Private MEC). Together with Azure Private MEC, we help enterprises to build a reliable and secure private 4G/5G mobile network in an efficient way. The products of SIM-based Endpoint Protection for IoT endpoints and Network Protection for network layer security are provisioned simultaneously to implement Zero Trust and our unique joint-defense strategy. The solution can seamlessly work with Microsoft Azure Private MEC to minimize the deployment and management effort.

New technological evolutions to IoT and advanced mobile networks like 5G will push mission-critical network-security management for enterprises to new levels. As we transition to the new reality, the ideal cybersecurity solution balances harmonized networks with the emerging mobile technology.

Trend Micro™ Mobile Network Security (TMMNS) is a hybrid cybersecurity solution developed for enterprise customers to ensure the security of mobile user equipment (UE) and IoT endpoint devices, as well as critical edge computing application servers that reside inside of the enterprise’s campus

network. Based on the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) framework, TMMNS provides a fully virtualized solution that has the flexibility and agility to be deployed in the most popular commercial and open-source virtualization platforms with high performance and low latency. Unlike most traditional cybersecurity solutions, TMMNS bridges the gap between information and communication technologies (IT/CT) to provide comprehensive protections, covering the network and endpoint layers to help customers face the new and diverse threats being seen throughout cyberattacks in 4G/LTE, NB-IoT, and the 5G network.

Key Benefits

Meet end-to-end security in mission-critical private mobile networks

· Ensures that your mobile UE, IoT endpoint devices, and application servers on your MEC system are well protected

· Prevents misused or illegitimate UEs from attacking your IT or OT networks

· Offers you an additional security protection layer across CT/endpoint and IT/network

· Blocks risky cellular UE access to its radio access network, ensuring your private mobile data network is clean

Reduce security management workload of IT sec admin in enterprise ICT

· Purpose-built for seamless CT and IT integration without third-party systems; security policy management is based on IMEI/IMSI rather than on IP address

· Visibility of risk status for each cellular UE

· Simple yet efficient security management in one console

Cost efficiency for deployment in mission-critical private mobile networks

· No third-party systems needed for CT and IT integration, making deployment cost-efficient

· Agentless and no firmware integration required for each cellular UE

Get protection throughout various vertical markets including shopping malls, smart factories, ports, airports, mining, enterprises, and more.