Tricent for Microsoft 365 - Data Compliance Automation

Tricent Security Group A/S

Tricent for Microsoft 365 - Data Compliance Automation

Tricent Security Group A/S

Manage external access to your company’s files and teams

With Tricent, you’ll be able to identify potential exposures and revoke external access to your files and Teams.

How does it work?

  1. Administrators set up automated compliance policies in less than 30 minutes

  2. Tricent notifies users when their externally shared files and Teams need to be reviewed. If no action is taken by the user, Tricent will remove external access to the files.

  3. Administrators get a full overview of the organization's shared data allowing for audits and bulk actions.

With Tricent you get:

Automated compliance routines to strengthen your data protection efforts

    • Customize your un-sharing routines according to your organization’s needs

    • Design the most fitting un-sharing routines for different user groups

In-depth insights of your organization’s shared files and users’ sharing practices

    • Identify highly exposed files and who has access to them

    • Audit teams, users, files, external users or external domains in a matter of seconds

    • Perform bulk operations e.g. revoke access, set new expiration date or assign new team owners

    • Revoke external access to files created by former employees


    • Build lists and drill down in your sharing data in order to discover and investigate exposed files for auditing purposes

Dashboard with a quick overview of your organization’s sharing practices

    • Get an overview of how many files are shared with external sources

    • Find out who’s sharing the most and which files are shared the most

    • Learn which external domains your company shares the most data with

    • Check the amount of external (and internal) team members in your MS Teams solution

Automated user notifications

    • Users get notified when their externally shared files need to be reviewed

    • Users can easily extend the file sharing when needed

    • Tricent will automatically remove external access to files if there is no action taken by the user

    • Users can quickly extend access to files on-the-go with our mobile friendly platform

Why we’ve created Tricent:

In 2018, a bank approached us with a critical security and compliance concern: they didn't know how many files they were sharing externally and who could access them.

We realized that many businesses struggle with the same concerns and discovered that neither Google Workspace nor Microsoft 365 (OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams) could solve this in a simple way.

That's why we’ve developed Tricent - a tool that helps you discover and revoke files that are shared externally.

It's simple, user-driven, and fully automated.