Tricent for Microsoft 365 - The #1 File-sharing governance platform

Tricent Security Group A/S

Tricent for Microsoft 365 - The #1 File-sharing governance platform

Tricent Security Group A/S

Manage external access to your company’s files and teams

Collaboration and external file sharing are essential for business growth

Unmanaged access to shared files over time can pose significant threats to your organization. Shared files might contain sensitive information, such as credentials or proprietary business data, that outsiders could exploit.

Strict compliance regulations (GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, DORA, etc.) require businesses to track, protect, and properly manage personal data files and permissions to avoid severe penalties.

Organizations often face the challenge of balancing necessary security and compliance measures with the need for collaboration with external users.

Tricent offers a solution to this problem, helping businesses manage file-sharing risks without hampering necessary collaboration.

How Tricent works

Tricent helps organizations make their file-sharing more secure and compliant without sacrificing collaboration. Tricent puts the responsibility of proper file-sharing management in the hands of administrators as well as every member of the organization who shares files.

Tricent enables administrators to:

🚀 Effortless Onboarding in less than 30 Minutes: Tricent gets you up and running swiftly so you can focus on what matters most.

🔎 Unparalleled Insights: From day one, gain a comprehensive overview of all files shared and permissions granted—across both personal drives and shared drives—no more guesswork, just crystal-clear visibility.

⭕ Bulk Remediation Made Simple: Our admin-friendly cleanup tools allow you to tackle file sprawl efficiently. Say hello to streamlined compliance without the headache.

😇 Empowering End-Users Responsibly: We use automation to involve your employees in the cleanup process. They can continue collaborating while maintaining compliance.

💪 Customizable Governance Policies: Set different cycles for different user groups. Tricent adapts to your unique needs, ensuring flexibility without compromising control.

The fundamental values from onboarding Tricent:

Data Protection and Compliance: Tricent is a cloud-based compliance tool designed for Microsoft 365 (Teams, Sharepoint, and One Drive). It empowers organizations to:

  • Audit: Gain domain-wide insights into the number of externally shared files.

  • Protect: Automatically unshare files if owners do not act within a specified time period. Ensure data protection and compliance with privacy regulations and prevent unauthorized access.

Automated Safeguarding: Automates the process of reviewing external permissions. Instead of manual reviews:

  • Emails File Owners: Notifies owners of externally shared files.

  • Automatic Unsharing: If no action is taken within the specified time, Tricent automatically unshares the file. This streamlines compliance efforts and reduces administrative burden.

End-User Involvement: Encourages responsible sharing behavior by notifying file owners and allowing them to manage their shared files effectively.

Efficiency and Risk Mitigation: By addressing the risk of forgotten external sharing, Tricent ensures that sensitive files do not remain in the hands of unauthorized users. This efficiency leads to better risk management and reduced exposure to data breaches.

In summary, Tricent provides 365 and Data Security staff with a powerful tool to maintain compliance, protect data, and automate the safeguarding of externally shared files within their organization, and get:

  • Peace of Mind: Finally, regain control over file sharing.

  • Collaboration: Empower your team while staying compliant.

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