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Simple backup tool for SMB customers to backup and restore files/folders into Azure Blob Storage

This application is available in English, Vietnamese

· A simple backup tool to backup and restore data

Backing up data is one of the most concerning problem in every enterprise now. Enterprises create and access a huge number of documents as well as data every day. However, when a majority of people manipulate data, there is one thing that needs attention- data backup that keep data safe and ready to restore any time in need.

     · What is ByteSave solution?

Understanding the need of backing up data and the need of company to have a simple and convenient backup tool for their data, especially files and folders, TSG have deployed a based- Azure backup tool named ByteSave.

     ·  Who are customers of ByteSave?

ByteSave aims to Small and Medium Businesses. In the very first steps, customer of Bytesave needs to have subscription of Azure Blob Storage

     ·  Why use ByteSave?

ByteSave cover friendly interface, which optimize and minimize steps to backup data. By using less complicated tasks, customers save more time and cost in backing up their data. By taking advantage of familiar Azure basis, ByteSave is promised to bring more function of backup up different types of data in the future.

     ·  What are some key features of ByteSave?

Connection: Check connection status and data usage

Backup: Set optional email notification, automatic backup time & data storage time limit

Restore: Restore deleted data into optional containers

Setting: Set server Mail configuration

Information: Search for software information and updating status

History: Access data-change status history for the last 30 days after backup