Turing Knowledge Mining

Turing Challenge

Turing Knowledge Mining

Turing Challenge

Automate data extraction from unstructured documents.

Document classification and data extraction from unstructured or semi-structured sources, speeding up the process and reducing costs and errors.

Automatic document processing solution to extract important information from unstructured data and transform it into structured data. For example, payrolls, invoices, etc..

Multiple Formats & Languages:

•Automatically detected.
•Understand and translate from different languages.

•Works with readable (PDF, Word,…) and non-readable formats (images).

Save up to 70% time and costs

Entity and Clause Extraction:

•Find and extract general or business trained entities.
•Identify phrases or clauses.

•Intentions, key phrases, and key words as well.

Pretrained for multiple sectors

Integrated with your applications:

•REST API provided.
•Searching compatibility within documents processed.

•Capable of rising alarms and flows.

Deployment in just 2 weeks