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The Cloudbridge Platform

Cloudbridge is an IT automation platform. Cloudbridge transforms manual, laborious IT tasks into well-oiled predictable, streamlined, repeatable processes. This results in a lean, cutting-edge IT group that executes with maximum efficiency and at lowest cost.

For companies that have made investments in IT management systems like IAM, PAM, DAG, and ITSM Cloudbridge helps to break the vendor/product silos with cross-technology workflows, harnessing the power of these systems. Cloudbridge is an automation hub between these systems that allows an organization to realize better return on investments.

How it Works

Cloudbridge core automation works with the language that every IT admin already knows; PowerShell. It takes very simple snips of PowerShell and turns them into enterprise data and workflows by wrapping PowerShell with an entire ecosystem of services that turn PowerShell into a PowerHouse. This allows IT groups to create solutions for their customers with unprecedented speed and flexibility resulting in lower costs and a better enabled business.

DevOps controls, Role based access, delegation, data management, data analysis, REST interoperability, automatic zero-code UI generation, code signing, credentials vault, and so much more. Cloudbridge is a must-have for any IT shop that wants to move out of manual operations.

Cloudbridge makes it easy

Create portals for your Helpdesk, legal team, self-service, or anything else in minutes instead of weeks or months. Join multi-system data into workflows that include Identity, ITSM and direct customer interaction. Delegate these workflows using instant portals that you create in minutes.

Granular Delegation

Lower your operational costs while improving security. Delegate operations to the people who need it without compromising your security. Avoid escalations to senior IT people when junior Helpdesk staff could have resolved issues with delegated diagnostics and automated actions.

Audit Everything

Capture detailed audit records of all activities. See who did what and when. “When did Bob get this role?”, “Who gave him that role?”

Close the PowerShell Security Gap

Eliminate the security risks associated with PowerShell execution distributed across multiple IT desktops and servers. Centralize all PowerShell on the Cloudbridge Platform and store sensitive credentials in the Cloudbridge Vault. Gain visibility and control over all PowerShell to ensure knowledge retention, improved productivity, and most of all security.