UiPath Process Mining


UiPath Process Mining


UiPath Process Mining is a Process Analytics platform for large organisations.

UiPath Process Mining platform delivers complete and continuous insight into complex business processes. The platform is capable of handling any type of process and has a proven track record in digital auditing and business transformation.

Transform your digital audit

The UiPath Process Mining platform improves traditional auditing problems by offering a digital approach, resulting in:

  • End-to-end process maps
  • Connecting different applications and teams
  • Highlight commercial and operational risk
Thus reducing time/effort to prepare for audit by 50%, while delivering total confidence in audit prep and identifying broader opportunities to enable business transformation.

Digital business transformation

UiPath Process Mining is the most comprehensive process analytics platform, providing the following benefits:

  • Seamless integration into all common data systems
  • Automatically reconstruct and visualize core business processes
  • Real time analytics
  • Multi-dimensional process maps
  • Continuous risk identification
Thus driving continuous improvement for your business.

"UiPath Process Mining have exceeded our expectations in being able to quickly visualize our complex Purchase to Pay process, and deliver immediate results to streamline the process, remove manual hand offs and reduce costs. We are now using UiPath Process Mining across our business to drive operational efficiency and business performance."

Tom Kloosterman - KPN NextGen Finance


Some additional details to help you get started:

  • It is recommended to use Azure Update Management to keep the OS up to date.
  • It is recommended to use a Premium SSD.
  • For large projects it is recommended to create a separate Premium SSD and moving the installation to that disk.
  • Initially the UiPath Process Mining platform is only available on the local host:
    • RDP to the VM. It is recommended setting up a VPN-tunnel for this.
    • Locally the platform is available through here. You can log in with the following username/password: sa/sa
    • Additional guides can be found in the UiPath Docs here
  • Additional configuration is needed to make the platform accessible through the internet:
    • Allow HTTPS traffic to the VM
    • In IIS add an HTTPS binding for the site. Note: you must import the SSL certificate and configure the DNS of the domain name.