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UST Healthy Spaces

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Computer Vision on Azure Edge Computing and ML alerts front line workers to improve health/safety

UST Healthy Spaces provides enterprise class, real-time tools to ensure that proper health, safety, protective equipment, and sanitary conditions are being maintained in their locations, allowing them to assure workers, customers, travelers, and guests that they are able to exist  in a safe environment.

 Building on the base of our proven Advanced Video Analytics platform and powerful AI/ML routines, UST Healthy Spaces provides: 

Entry Control – Control the number of people entering your location based on the number of people in the location & limits of crowd density

PPE Detection – Detects if individuals are wearing and properly using required personal protective equipment like masks, helmets, goggles, etc.

Sanitation Management – tracks and schedules in real time activity based sanitation/cleaning requirements.

Queue Management – Manage the number of people in lines and detect when people abandon lines

Illness Behaviors – Detect individuals demonstrating illness behaviors such as sneezing, coughing, vomiting, falling, etc

Social Distancing - monitors large crowds and measure and alert front line workers to insure proper distancing can be maintained. 

What Are The Benefits of Healthy Spaces?

Makes People Feel Safe And Ready To Return To Work

Reduces Risk of Work Stoppage By Helping To Protect And Keep Workers Safe And Healthy

Minimize Risk Of Liability To Claims From Workers And Public

Reduces Loss Due To Contamination of Spaces or Inventory

Automates Worker Management & Messaging Necessary to Maintain Safe & Healthy Spaces

Provides a Way to Measure the Health & Safety of Your Spaces using video Intelligence