Valtix Cloud Security Service NGFW + WAF

Valtix, Inc.

Valtix Cloud Security Service NGFW + WAF

Valtix, Inc.

Valtix simplifies network security for public clouds, preventing attacks and stopping exfiltration

Valtix is designed with a cloud-native approach: automatically discovers your apps, and enables admins to specify deep inspection policies within minutes. This DevOps-friendly approach empowers network security teams to deploy an auto-scaling security service without incurring the costs and complexity of multiple legacy WAF and next-generation firewall (NGFW) vendor appliances. Valtix provides multi-cloud policies to lower your network security costs by over 50% and avoids the operational complexity of deploying & managing traditional appliances.

Valtix provides:

* Ingress Security - Protects Internet-facing web and non-web applications against attacks, multi-site security using SNI and API rate limiting.

* Egress Security - Protects against data exfiltration and malware distribution using FQDN and URL filtering with safe/block lists.

* East-West Security - Prevent lateral movement of attacks, limit access based on instance identity (using tags and instance properties).

* PaaS - Prevent exfiltration from safelist of approved Azure storage blobs, and securing API Gateway and serverless applications.

Valtix is designed with 3 core principles:

* Discover - continuously discover and update cloud asset inventory, this provides visibility and drives security policy

* Deploy - security in a few clicks and minutes without requiring complex scripting or templates

* Defend - create security policies that match discovered cloud assets continuously and automatically

Valtix provides comprehensive and consistent multi-cloud security that provides a high performance single-pass inspection engine that performs TLS decryption, followed by one/more of the following deep packet inspection (DPI) options, and then re-encryption:

* Attribute-based Access Control using instance attributes such as tags, Network Security Groups (NSG), VNET ID, Subnet ID

* Web Application Firewall (OWASP Top 10, Advanced Core Rule Set)

* Application ID

* Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

* URL Filtering

* Data Loss Prevention features

Valtix is a born-in-the cloud security service that features a Valtix Controller portal and dataplane running Valtix Gateways deployed in customer's cloud accounts. Valtix Gateways are an auto scaling fleet of instances that provide above listed security features. Valtix can be deployeed and managed via:

* Valtix Controller portal (web interface)


* Terraform

Valtix can be deployed in Edge mode to protect 100s of individual VNETs (secure islands) or Hub mode to offer a centralized Security VNET to protect multiple VNETs. Valtix is available with a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) or Volume Licensing options.

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