Vandis Managed ExpressRoute


Vandis Managed ExpressRoute


With ExpressRoute, your organization can establish connections to Azure at an ExpressRoute location, such as an Exchange provider facility, or directly connect to Azure from your existing WAN network.

Executive Summary

Does your organization have a stable, secure connection to Microsoft’s Azure datacenters? ExpressRoute is an option that allows for the creation of a private connection between your organization’s on-prem infrastructure and the cloud. Avoiding the public internet, ExpressRoute provides for a more reliable connection with faster speeds and lower latencies than a typical connection and is backed by a Microsoft SLA.

If your organization is already at a Cloud Point of Presence (PoP), Vandis engineers can connect you to the edge of the Microsoft Cloud. If you do not have a PoP, the Vandis team can assist in establishing relationships with third-party providers to get you started.  For organizations who wish to connect directly, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) VPN, provided by a network service provider, can be utilized.

Offering Description

Vandis’ team of engineers will deliver a working ExpressRoute circuit from either the organization’s cage or from the organization’s cage-connected office to Microsoft Azure. Vandis engineers begin by conducting a network planning session, followed by establishing the ExpressRoute connection. During enablement, our team will configure virtual circuit connectivity and BGP peering. Vandis will provide ongoing help desk as well as monitoring and management of ExpressRoute for outages or degraded service with support from Microsoft Services as needed.  

Scope of Work

  • Review Cloud Connectivity Checklist & Existing Environment
  • Create ExpressRoute Circuit
  • Configure ISP/CSP Connection, VNets, Private Peering, and Public/Microsoft Peering (BGP, VLAN, ASN)
  • Test Connectivity to VNet and PaaS/SaaS Services


  • Review a Completed Cloud Connectivity Checklist
  • Conduct an ExpressRoute Enablement Session
  • ExpressRoute Circuit Connected to Microsoft Azure
  • Full Management and Monitoring of Azure ExpressRoute Connection


About Vandis

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