SAP Cash Forecasting (SaaS) with Azure ML

verovis GmbH

SAP Cash Forecasting (SaaS) with Azure ML

verovis GmbH

Cash management projections based on SAP data and Azure Machine Learning

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  • Financial Cash-in is dependent on customer behavior at payment processes.
  • Financial Cash-out might vary depending on unplanned changes in delivery dates, fulfillment dates or resource bottlenecks.


  • High manual effort for the generation of cash forecasts
  • Low quality of key figures in the forecasting process
  • Different forecast values between Treasury and Controlling
  • Self-defeating decentralized measures for cash handling
  • No use of transactional data for the Management Decision


    Mission is to automate, improve and enhance the short- and mid-term cash forecast based on open invoices or other cash relevant transactions
  • to lift the accuracy of cash forecasts on daily and monthly level
  • to guarantee liquidity and to focus on the improvement of the cash position
  • to gain insights on value drivers for the time span until cash in

    Offer Description:

  • We provide you, in form of Software as a Service (SaaS), an end-to-end solution to automatically collect, analyze and predict cash-in/out behaviour.
  • The solution is baed on azure machine learning algoritmic and Microsoft Power BI for Reporting and Analytics.

    Target Audience:

  • People involved in activities of CFO-Office, Controller, Accountants.

    Why Verovis?

  • Verovis is a consulting company and Microsoft Gold Partner, specialized on Advanced Analytics for the Finance/Controlling/Accounting function.