IPMPlus Smart Energy Savings

Vigyanlabs Inc

IPMPlus Smart Energy Savings

Vigyanlabs Inc

Helps in measuring, monitoring, analyzing and saving enterprise IT endpoint energy consumption

For many enterprises, setting up an energy management solution that is exhaustive and perpetual presents serious challenges.
Most computers now have energy management features built-in, and many end users are acquainted with controls that automatically turn off the monitor and place the computer in a low-power “standby” or “sleep” mode. These power-saving features, however, are frequently underutilized by end-users and rarely centrally managed, making them ineffective tools.

IPM+ Smart Energy is your one stop solution to

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Cut down operational costs and improve efficiency
  • Comply with energy regulation and legislation
  • Reduce and remove energy management silos
  • Bridge the gap between IT and facility management

    Key Benefits

  • IPM+ delivers a many-fold energy saving impact for its enterprise customers and has been strongly endorsed by the CXO community of Fortune 500 customers.
  • For the enterprises, IPM+ is the ideal tool to enable ‘green computing’ and achieve a strong return on investment through IT operating cost reduction.
  • IPM+ consists of a web-based Enterprise Console and agents that reside in end user machines with an extremely low footprint.
  • Energy savings on enterprise computing devices, there by cut down operation costs and improve enterprise energy efficiency.

    Smart Energy Features

  • Self-adapting Hyper Personalized Smart power schemes using PowerMind AI deep learning engine
  • Ability to identify which are your most green and least green hardware
  • Patented application, context and activity sensors for non-intrusive power savings
  • Fine grained power savings using Custom power states and component level power optimization
  • Big 5 certified patented Software Energy meter with +/- 10% accuracy against a highly accurate Hardware energy meter
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    Note : Please activate the product using Trial License option and continue, this will give you a trial of 45 days period for 100 Endpoints. Please contact

  • a) For any support during installation and configuration.
  • b) For commercial license needs after Trial Period.

    After instantiation, you can access the login page URL Eg : If instantiated IP is login URL will be:

    Please use default admin username and password as below
  • Username: ipmadmin
  • Password: Admin123#
  • Note: This password upon first successful login will prompt for password change, please change password and continue to use
  • Please contact for any support during installation and configuration
  • We offer free Email and remote access support for a period of 3 weeks from the date of purchase.