LiveData Migrator for Azure


LiveData Migrator for Azure


LiveData Migrator for Azure automates Hadoop data migration to Azure without disruption or downtime

Try it out today!

From the Azure Marketplace:

  • Get It Now launches in your subscription, then you choose your own Hadoop cluster or our Trial cluster.
  • Click Test Drive (available only via Marketplace) and jump right into a preconfigured environment. (Please follow Test Drive Guide in this link)

Trial is in your subscription - Test Drive is in ours - NO risk to your production data! (Test Drive demo video).

From the Azure Portal, click Set up + subscribe to get started. (See Getting started below)

Why LiveData Migrator?

Common Use Cases

  • Cloud Data Migration—Migrate your Hadoop data to the cloud for more cost-effective storage.
  • App Modernization—Migrate your data and leverage cloud technologies like Azure Databricks, Synapse, or Azure HDI.
  • Disaster Recovery—Create robust and automated DR for your on-premises data.

Journey to LiveData Migration (How-To Video Series)

  1. Getting started (Prerequisites)
  2. Create LiveData Migrator resource
  3. Install Migrator on your edge node
  4. Identify the Target for Hadoop data
  5. Create Migration and move data!