End-point management with eLux and Scout

Unicon GmbH

End-point management with eLux and Scout

Unicon GmbH

Secure, lightweight OS and management tool for VDI and DaaS scenarios; with eLux, Scout and SCG.

Secure, Manage and Scale with Confidence

with the experts in end-point operating systems and end-point management to enable business in a digital society.

Unicon solutions are best suited for VDI, DaaS use cases comprising of end-point devices such as thin clients, laptops and desktop PCs. These solutions are ideal for enabling companies to deliver remote work, bring your own device (BYOD) and flexible end user computing scenarios. Companies in banking, insurance, public sector, and retail verticals can make use of Unicon solutions to ensure secure data access - anytime, anywhere.


eLux® is an ultra light-weight, hardware agnostic, highly secure x86 end-point operating system. eLux® is ideal for on-premises, VDI, cloud environments comprising of end-points like thin clients, laptops and desktop PCs. eLux® enables IT departments in delivering a consistent employee experience securely on a day-to-day basis.


Scout is an end-point management solution ideal for managing eLux devices operating in complex VDI environments. IT departments can easily simplify their ever-growing, difficult-to-manage end-point infrastructures using Scout. Scout is an easy-to-use, intuitive end-point management solution for companies that want to deploy a consistent user experience in a secure manner.

Scout Cloud Gateway

Scout Cloud Gateway (SCG) is an integrated solution that enables companies to quickly and securely connect and manage end-point devices operating in remote, distributed environments without the need of a separate VPN.


Ease of managing: Allow your IT admins more control and flexibility with this hybrid cloud management solution. Secure your end points to prevent threats and security breaches.

Employee experience: Amazing user experience in any digital workspace. Rapidly access straight to the virtual desktop & apps.

Ease of integration: One OS across all hybrid endpoints. Scalable to over 300.000 digital workspace endpoints.

Security: Unicon's eLux and Scout provide a powerful tool for controlling access to applications and data, and reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Sustainability: Implementing Unicon and joint solutions can also be circular for healthcare organizations. With Unicon's software, hardware lifecycles can be extended - ensuring sustainability and cost optimization.

Cost reduction: Unicon's solutions extension of the software's and hardware's lifecycles leads to cost optimization. Save up to 36% in hardware investments and reduce operational costs through simplified administration.