Energy Data Centricity: Services to Support Client's Adoption of the OSDU ADME Platform

Wipro Ltd

Energy Data Centricity: Services to Support Client's Adoption of the OSDU ADME Platform

Wipro Ltd

Customization, integration, ingestion & adoption services using OSDU Azure Data Manager for Energy.

Business Problems:

Wipro works for and collaborates with its Energy industry clients and partners in the transition to establish future-looking Data-Centric organizational business focused environment landscapes.
As a trusted partner, Wipro can assist in the strategic transformational adaptation that OSDU technologies can provide, through the adoption of the Azure Data Manager for Energy (ADME) Managed Service from Microsoft, that utilizes the OSDU™ Data Platform from the Open Group™. Energy companies can develop a firm foundation upon which to accelerate their trajectories to the future, guiding their journey to a lower carbon future.


OSDU™ based solutions provide a data foundation that decouples applications from their data source and further reduces operating costs through the adoption of an Azure hosting environment. Moving to an Azure based data foundation with Wipro, there can be considerable benefit to an enterprise including:

  • Wipro understand the relationships between Data, Applications, Workflows, Users and IT Infrastructure and advise & define solutions that can complement an organizations' existing environment, to make best utilization and leverage of existing environmental landscapes, providing the capabilities to realize the value inherent in an organizations people and data assets.
  • Storage rationalization: A centralized data-centric environment containing fewer database instances designed to meet the anticipated increase in storage capacity occasioned by the acquisition of real-time data and the introduction of fibreoptics for drilling, downhole sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Higher consistency of data, simplified workflows, reduced complexity, and increased automation that facilitates a switch to self-service operation.
  • Deliverable as a Service, thereby significantly reducing support training costs and overall total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Reduced tie-in to products from traditional service contractors.
  • Provision of a long-term, low-cost digital archive for data and analyses.
  • Our Systems Integration assists organizations with their OSDU™ Adoption and Adaptation challenges, providing services around platform adoption, data ingestion and data management administration.
  • Systems Integration can cover either the total enterprise, discipline, geography or asset level.
  • Wipro offers considerable experience in decision-making and transformation planning, working with our clients to determine the optimal path to can be most useful to teams mandated to an OSDU™ Data-Centric enterprise platform, through the Azure Data Manager for Energy (ADME) Managed Service.
  • Wipro brings several frameworks, methodologies and toolsets to support assessment, evaluation, preparation and planning for an OSDU™ adoption, including critical go / no-go decisions based on a preparedness review.
  • The simple standardized process includes initial scope and deliverables, high level assessment, detailed assessment & recommendations.
  • Given Wipro’s experience across both business and functional disciplines, the data domain and more IT stack domains, we have an extensive evaluation framework to cater for all needs and scenarios.

Wipro's Differentiators:

Five reasons why this service offering stands out are:

  • Wipro’s energy sector domain experience and expertise
  • Wipro’s OSDU experience and expertise; and agnostic perspective
  • Wipro’s partnerships with a range of other OSDU CSPs and ISVs
  • Wipro’s expertise – across all areas
  • Wipro’s proven executive consultancy based approach


This service can really support an enterprise’s roadmap for OSDU adoption, through:

  • Informed decision-making on the specific value of an OSDU adoption for the selected organisation, Division, geography or asset
  • Clear, specific roadmaps defined
  • Recommendation for change, adaptation and/or improvements to the current plans
  • An “as is assessment” and for example a three year, integrated, holistic OSDU platform design
  • Recommendations on partners offerings and solutions
  • Recommendations on all aspects of migration and transition covering IT stack, data, duplication, user transition journeys etc.

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