Workist Sales Order Automation

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Workist Sales Order Automation

Workist GmbH

Automate Sales Document Processing with AI and Never Type in Document Data Manually again

Workist helps sales teams to process incoming order documents automatically with the Workist AI 

Companies like Deutsche Bahn, Brennenstuhl, and RUKO use the Workist Document Processing AI to free their sales teams from the hassle of manually processing documents, cutting inside sales cost by up to 80% while accelerating order processing times and reducing manual input errors. 

With Workist's AI taking care of the sales admin part, sales teams can finally fully focus on what matters most - Selling. 


  • Save costs and time: Manual order entry is inefficient, error-prone, and time-consuming. Workist's high automation rate save you up to 80% of your sales admin cost
  • Keep your customers happy: Improve your customer experience by lightning-fast order processing cycles. Workist helps you avoid manual input errors and always deliver what is ordered 
  • Stop wasting your sales team's talent: Workist eliminates the frustrating document handling for your sales team. Sales reps can now fully focus on revenue generation 


  • Automation has never been easier. Forward incoming order documents. Workist's AI extracts, validates, and processes all relevant document data. The extracted data is automatically sent to your ERP-system
  • Easy integration into your existing tools: Lightning-fast implementation and compatibility with all common ERP-systems (e.g. Dynamics or NAV). Most customers have set up Workist's solutions within 1 business day. For your customers the order process stays like it is today 
  • Human-in-the-loop system: In case the AI is not completely sure about some data, Workist asks for human feedback in an intuitive user interface 

We care about happy customers: 

Workist not only saves us a lot of resources, but also helps us to further scale our business. We are very satisfied with Workist's excellent support and flexibility. 
~ Stefan Underwood / Head of Logistics, Contorion

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