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Quickstart: Azure VDC with Barracuda CloudGen WAF

10th Magnitude

10th Magnitude’s Virtual Data Center (VDC) solution with Barracuda CloudGen WAF allows organizations to quickly deploy a Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) aligned Azure infrastructure.

The VDC delivers best practices based on production-proven infrastructure components to get your Azure implementation started quickly. Eliminate trial and error. Build and configure your environment with comfort. Ensure the critical components for your cloud delivery are established: Networking, Connectivity, IaaS Standards, Identity & Access Management, Monitoring, Reporting, and Governance.

Powered by Barracuda: A single shared service Barracuda CloudGen WAF comes integrated into this VDC deployment to support  requirements for secure web-facing applications.

Phase 1 – Kickoff & Design: Discuss your environment and goals. Review the components of 10th Magnitude's VDC, deployment details, design parameters, and Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework implementation methodology.

Phase 2 – Core Services Deployment: Transition design details to deployment activities. Integrate core components, including Barracuda's CloudGen WAF and disciplines of the VDC, to establish shared services and foundational environment to support your business and client workloads.  

Phase 3 – IaaS Workloads & Operations: Establish IaaS service standards and deployment steps to support workload provisioning, integration, and enterprise supportability requirements.  Introduce security, operations, and governance procedures to create a supportable Azure cloud.