Azure WVD Quickstart: 2-wk Implementation

10th Magnitude

Establish your Enterprise Windows Desktop environment in Azure to enable work from anywhere for your employees. Powered by Nerdio.

Accelerate your organization’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) deployment to support remote operations and desktop scenarios in the cloud. Provide a familiar Windows 10 user experience throughout your business that’s available anytime, anywhere and across multiple devices and operating systems.

Phase 1 - Design and Plan Conduct a full readiness review and develop a comprehensive approach for your WVD deployment to support 25+ users

Phase 2 - Deploy and Configure Deploy WVD core services and pools, launch your dedicated Azure subscription and configure your virtual environment

Phase 3 - Business Case Install, Configure, and personalize your organization's desktop images to scale and support user load

Phase 4 - Manage and Operate Implement management, operational, and security best practices to enable Azure Expert Managed Services.