Azure AKS Quickstart w/ Kubernetes - 2 wk imp

10th Magnitude

During this 2-week engagement, learn to safely navigate the waters of container deployment, automation, and operations.

Cloud-native revolutionized the relationship between applications and infrastructure, offering new opportunities to accelerate deployments and iteration, respond to failures dynamically, control application life cycles effectively, and achieve greater visibility within application components.

Engagement Details

Kubernetes on Azure: Discover how to amplify cloud native infrastructure by integrating other Azure services and examine how Azure instruments and exposes metrics with Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, Container Health, and AppInsights.

Kubernetes Internals: Examine how Kubernetes components and objects orchestrate workloads across distributed infrastructure and leverage the Kubernetes control plane to manage and troubleshoot applications.

Cloud Native Overview: Discover tooling such as Azure DevOps, Terraform and Helm to quickly accelerate container development, migration, automation, CI/CD, and security.