Data Estate Modernization Quickstart - 4 wk imp

10th Magnitude

By the end of this 4-week Quickstart, you will locate, understand, and gain insights from your data to ultimately build a modern business solution to move your business forward.

The Data Estate Modernization Quickstart establishes a micro service framework to ingest unlimited data sources into a data lake for processing. From there we’ll build a dashboard to gain insights from your combined data assets ultimately allowing you to build a modern business solution.

Phase 1: Data Source Ingestion

Locate and understand your siloed data sources, whether on-premises, co-located, or in Azure.

Phase 2: Databricks Implementation

Consolidate your data sources into a central data lake, with the power of Databricks.

Phase 3: Solution Visualization & Application

Utilize Power BI to analyze your data in a modern way - with scalability and speed.