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GitHub Adoption Quickstart - 2 wk imp

10th Magnitude

The 10th Magnitude GitHub Adoption Quickstart is a 2-week interactive engagement that establishes solid GitHub fundamentals for modern source control management and enterprise-grade InnerSourcing.

GitHub is synonymous with open source development, but continued evolution in the platform now makes it a compelling solution for enterprise development.

Phase 1: Fundamentals

Optimally structure your GitHub organization/teams, and import or migrate existing source code from other source control systems. Whiteboard, implement, and socialize the most effective branching strategies to improve work isolation and quality. Integrate to work item tracking tooling for traceability.

Phase 2: Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Focus on CI or CI/CD using GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, or both to automate the workflow between commit and deployment to reduce cycle times and improve the quality of your software.