Cloud Security Protection: 1-Hr Assessment


The Cloud Security Protection Service provided by Acer enables enterprises to protect cloud resources and prevent illegal intrusion.

The Cloud Security Protection Service provided by Acer e-Enabling Service Business helps enterprises to gain insight on cloud resources protection and illegal intrusion prevention. Acer e-Enabling Service Business uses security assessment check list to review the customer's requirements for Azure cloud environment architecture. We provides a one-stop service at the planning stage to guide our customer to enhance security protection and make cloud environments safer and optimize cloud operations. The assessment report provides a suggestion list to help our customer build a safe and reliable cloud system architecture to secure its cloud resources. The content includes: • Cloud network security consideration • Azure identity & access security consideration • Use Data Encryption suggestion • Set RDP & SSH Access policy to VMs consideration • Protect Your Sensitive Data (Keys/Secrets/Certificates) Approach • Control Network Access With a 3-Layer Protection Approach Through this service you can gain a deeper understanding of the security needs for your cloud environment and plan a better architecture for it.