Introduction to Azure Data Platform-3 Hrs Briefing


Introduction to Microsoft Azure data platform- 3 Hrs Briefing: build Azure data platform to consolidate different sources of data

 After the COVID-19 global crisis, it’s more urgent to adapt to this competitive and fast-paced business environment. How to use data in a meaningful and productive way affects the ability to act, control risk, and create advanced value. To deploy agile business management, an integrated data platform is a must. Microsoft Azure, among all the cloud platforms, is indeed the top choice. 
 Through this briefing, we’ll have an overall introduction to Azure data platform, which could consolidate different sources of data, designed to achieve sustainability, development agility, and the shortest time to insight.

• Brief Introduction to Azure data platform • Benefits of Azure data platform: lever Azure’s resources and flexibility • Case Sharing: System structure of Azure data platform • What services InfoFab can offer