Azure ML for beginners

Awara IT Kazakhstan LLP

Awara IT ML workshop is intended for beginner users and broadens the understanding of Microsoft cloud technologies that will empower daily operations of businesses.

Awara IT holds hands-on labs for Microsoft Azure users interested in machine learning. The goal is to explain and broaden the understanding of cloud technologies that will empower daily operations of your business. It can be carried out online or offline and is suitable for any industry and any project scope.

Brief description

This workshop is intended for users that will solve business tasks use existing data to forecast future behaviors, outcomes, and trends with Microsoft Azure ML.


  • Part 1: Machine Learning introduction. Interfaces, workspaces and experiments with Azure ML.
  • Part 2: Training ML model. Estimators, script parameters
  • Part 3: Deploying ML models. Deploying models as a service in real-time, problem solving.

###Deliverables Know more about machine learning technology Understand how to convey technology value to your partners Use this knowledge in practice; find out how to train and deploy ML model

Offer price is estimated and depends on customer's requirements and compexity of the course.