Cognitive Services: 2-day Workshop

Awara IT Kazakhstan LLP

Awara IT cognitive services workshop is intended for beginner users and broadens the understanding of cloud technologies that will empower daily operations of businesses.

Awara IT holds 2-days workshops for Microsoft Azure users interested in cognitive services. It focuses on Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft cloud solutions users that plan to use cognitive services. It can be carried out online or offline and is suitable for any industry and any project scope.

Brief description

This workshop is intended for users that will solve business tasks using cognitive services – voice and image recognition, text translations, smart search and bots. Only basic Microsoft Azure skills are required.


Day 1. Module 1.

  • Image recognition (3,5 hours)
  • Image recognition using computer vision. Use computer vision API to retrieve image analytics, extract text from an image, and create high-quality sketches.
  • Classify images with Microsoft image recognition Creation, training and testing of a user-defined image classification model using a custom visual recognition service to accurately identify paintings by famous artists.
  • Q&A session, discussing results.

Day 2. Module 1 (3,5 hours)

  • Classify and edit text with Azure Content Moderator.
  • Adding Conversation Logic to apps Using Intelligent Speech Recognition Service (LUIS)
  • Detecting tonality in text using the text analysis API
  • Q&A session, discussing results.

Day 2. Module 3(2,5 hours)

  • Real-time speech translation with Azure Cognitive Services
  • Voice Recognition with Speaker Recognition APIs in Azure Cognitive Services
  • Q&A session, discussing results.


Understand existing Microsoft cognitive services that cover processing and recognition of images, text and sound. Be skilled enough to implement and deploy these solutions.