Streamline your internal helpdesk for IT and HR with AI Technology: sample code provided, 3 months implementation and consulting

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Collects and sorts employee requests, then addresses them using a large language model, trusted online sources, and company documents. This open-source solution also includes training and consulting s

Transform Your Service Desk. With Awara IT Copilot, an open-source AI chatbot, elevate your IT and HR service desks. It's designed to automate responses, streamline request management, and enhance employee satisfaction by providing quick, accurate support around the clock.

Solution Technical Architecture Overview:

The solution is architected to leverage the powerful combination of Office 365, Azure services, and AI capabilities to create an intelligent, integrated workflow automation system. It is designed to streamline business processes, enhance decision-making with LLMOPS, and provide insightful data analytics and application performance monitoring.


  1. PowerApps for Office 365:
  • Serves as the front-end interface for users to interact with the system.
  • Custom business applications are built without the need for traditional coding
  • Seamlessly integrates with Office 365 tools (e.g., Teams, SharePoint, Viva Connections) for a unified user experience. Or can be used as a mobile and web app.
  1. Azure Logic Apps:
  • Manages the orchestration of automated workflows between chatbot and Azure Machine Learning Studio.
  • Connects PowerApps with other Azure services, enabling event-driven triggers and actions.
  • Facilitates the integration with third-party services and APIs, enhancing the solution's capabilities.
  1. Azure Machine Learning Studio:
  • Provides a cloud-based collaborative environment for building, testing, and deploying prompt flows.
  • Connects to the AI Search to process and analyze business data.
  • Employs various machine learning models to improve outcomes and implement multi-agent scenarios.
  1. Azure Open AI Service:
  • Integrates with PowerApps and Logic Apps to bring advanced AI capabilities into the workflow.
  • Enables natural language processing, image recognition, and other cognitive services within the business applications.
  • Enhances the user experience with AI-powered insights and automation.
  1. Azure Application Insights:
  • Monitors the performance, activity, and health of the applications built with PowerApps.
  • Collects telemetry data for a comprehensive analysis of the application usage and user behavior.
  • Provides real-time analytics and proactive alerts to ensure optimal application performance.


  • Data from Office 365 applications is captured and processed through PowerApps.
  • Azure Logic Apps triggers automated workflows based on specific events or criteria.
  • Azure Machine Learning Studio analyzes the data and provides predictive analytics, which are integrated into the workflows.
  • Azure Open AI Service adds cognitive processing, enhancing the system's decision-making and automation capabilities.
  • Azure Application Insights continuously monitors the applications, ensuring they run efficiently and effectively, providing insights for further optimization.


Streamlined workflows with automated processes save time and reduce manual effort. The cloud-based nature of Azure services allows the solution to scale as business needs grow. Real-time monitoring provides actionable insights for informed decision-making. AI capabilities enable the creation of cutting-edge applications that can transform business operations. Seamless connection between various Microsoft services and third-party APIs creates a cohesive ecosystem.

Supportive Training Services:

AI Skills Enhancement: All employees can learn to interact with AI effectively with our "Copilot and Prompt Engineering" video training. Azure Efficiency for IT: "Azure QuickStart" training prepares IT Administrators to maximize the benefits of Azure. Data Insights Mastery: Data Analytics professionals can deepen their expertise with our "Machine Learning Studio" training. Rapid App Development: "PowerApps Quick Start" enables IT Administrators to create impactful apps swiftly.

Hands-On Assistance:

Get 8 hours of technical consultation to ensure Awara IT Copilot is perfectly integrated into your business processes.