Azure ChatGPT: 1-hr Briefing


Solution Accelerator to empower your workforce with Azure OpenAI

ChatGPT has grown explosively in popularity as we all know now. Business users across the globe often tap into the public service to work more productively or act as a creative assistant.

However, ChatGPT risks exposing confidential intellectual property. One option is to block corporate access to ChatGPT, but people always find workarounds. This also limits the powerful capabilities of ChatGPT and reduces employee productivity and their work experience.

Azure ChatGPT is our enterprise option. This is the exact same service but offered as your private ChatGPT.

Private: Built-in guarantees around the privacy of your data and fully isolated from those operated by OpenAI.

Controlled: Network traffic can be fully isolated to your network and other enterprise grade security controls are built in.

Value: Deliver added business value with your own internal data sources (plug and play) or use plug-ins to integrate with your internal services (e.g., ServiceNow, etc).

Azure AD Login must be with Azure AD to protect company digital asset and digital security.