Customer & Portfolio Analytics: 3-6 months Implementation


Portfolio Management consulting and proper Microsoft Azure eco-system implementation to companies with established customer portfolios with the goal to grow through data analytics.

Assisted by digital transformation, customer analytics has completely transformed the way businesses monitor their performance & anticipate challenges, understand their customers’ needs and provide personalized content, while at the same time take data-driven decisions throughout their operations.

All the above start with the proper collection, transformation & combination of huge amounts of data and the creation of necessary data management processes and activities to reveal and act upon findings, trends and opportunities and of course to interact with your customers.

To this end, Microsoft Azure is here to provide a multiple of tools and professional services that collaboratively make it happen. Apart from the endless storage options and huge compute capabilities that are necessary, it provides robust data movement, transformation and automation solutions such as Azure Data Factory, fully managed big-data analytics platforms, such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks or HDInsight, AI and ML operations engines such as Azure Machine Learning and even Event Hubs to collect and manage events in real time.

No matter in which stage of this Customer Intelligence journey your company is, and what your technical capabilities are when it comes to big-data ingestion and cloud adoption, is able to assist you. Whether you are new to Microsoft Azure or are familiar with some of its services, we are here to design and put in place the tailor-made Azure eco-system with the proper professional services that best fits your business priorities and operations.

When it comes to designing the right Portfolio Management approach for your business, our experienced analytics team can assist you in 3 areas of focus:

A. Diagnosis & Strategy.

Goal: Understand your customer audiences, Identify opportunities, Define the right portfolio strategies. Typical Azure services: Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Synapse Analytics.

Indicative activities:

  1. Portfolio Performance Diagnosis & Assessment: Net Customer growth & Churn definition • Vintage analysis & forecast • Activity monitoring • forecasting & ad-hoc events • Loyalty scheme assessment.

  2. Channel & Network & Assessment: Qualitative & quantitative New Acquisitions evaluation • Channel usage deep-dive • New stores/channel evaluation.

  3. Customer 360 view & Segmentation: Transactional activity & behavior change over time • Brand loyalty • Customer needs via basket analysis • Demographics & socio-economic • Communication activity.

  4. Customer Life-cycle Management: Structured Portfolio Monitoring & Strategies to address: Early engagement • Growth of potential • Disengagement • Inactivity.

B. Tools & Processes.

Goal: Create personalized content to your customers, Optimize offering & budget, Monitor through visualization analytics. Typical Azure services: Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure ML.

Indicative activities:

  1. Predictive Analytics: Use ML regression & classification algorithms to predict future behavior and address: targeting • churn • next best action • CLV • budget optimization.

  2. Basket Analysis: Perform basket analysis to identify product associations for product & services recommendation and to trigger marketing activities.

  3. Data Visualization: Design & implement modern interactive dashboards to monitor business KPIs, highlight opportunities & drive business decisions.

C. Decision Support & Data Quality.

Goal: Implement Campaign management, Address ad-hoc business challenges, Improve data quality. Typical Azure services: Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks.

Indicative activities:

  1. Campaign Management: Entire Campaign management cycle implementation: goal definition • targeting • channel • offering • evaluation & fine-tuning.

  2. Decision Support: Communication strategy optimization • Business unit development • New channels & features penetration increase • Pricing strategy optimization • Sales & traffic forecasting.

  3. Data Cleansing & Unification: Streamlined data ingestion • data cleansing & standardization • customer unification • GDPR tracking • Customer base assessment • 360 customer view.

Why Linakis Digital.

  1. Our Business Insights & Analytics team consists of certified Azure data-science associates, experienced data analysts and business consultants.
  2. Our strong IT team will guide your company on all the necessary Microsoft Azure integrations along the way.
  3. We have a multi-sector experience for 20+ years working with some of the biggest players in the Greek market & across different areas of analytics: • Retail • Banking • e-Commerce • Energy • Insurance

Disclaimer: The exact duration & cost of the service depend on: the agreed focus areas, the exact business goals & activities, present analytics platform, size and quality of available data, current data-driven business culture & analytics experience. Also, any strategy execution depends on internal campaign management capabilities.