Azure 雲端課程管理工作坊


An expert Azure Course Management Service training of your current Azure cloud application environment

Azure Course Management Service assists colleges and universities to build cloud classrooms, and provides students with course training in any place with internet.

The 3-day Azure Course Management Service workshop helps customers understanding how to use simple operation steps and diversified information service content from basic virtual hosting to mechanical learning services, and provides school teachers with a variety of courses to teach students to learn a variety of information technologies and improve school information Technical connotation and development.

Deliverables  Azure service application  Basic virtual hosting  Mechanical learning  Self-management learning  Self-monitoring learning  Adaptive learning

Agenda i-Planet International lnc. will conduct a 3-day Azure Course Management Service workshop which will focus on following content.

Day 1  Introduction to Cloud learning  Azure Cloud Fundamental—understanding computing and storage services available in Azure Cloud  Create and management Azure Cloud resources Day 2  Networking and security—understanding key risk mitigation and response tactics to potential threats  Build and Secure Networks in Azure Cloud Service  Ensure Access and Identity in Azure Cloud Service Day 3  Introduction to Microsoft Power BI  Deployment and configuration of Power BI reports and dashboards  Powerful data insights based on which they can take informed decisions  Provide operational guidance so that IT can manage reports within the deployed environment