Academic Research Performance: 4-Week Workshop


An expert Microsoft Academic Graph(MAG) training of your current Azure cloud application environment

This 4 week Azure Microsoft Academic Graph training service helps customers understanding MAG, big data processing, visualizing achievement data and producing data dashboard. This solution is deployed on Microsoft Azure.

Deliverable  Initial planning session  Using Azure Data draft iteration and final iteration  MAG fully data Azure blob storage  Azure Data Factory dataflow & pipeline  ETL job using Azure Data  Attain analytics-ready data for business insights  Accomplish end-to-end data governance on cloud

Agenda I-Planet will conduct 4-week workshop that will focus on: Week 1  Setting Up Microsoft Azure Cloud Services (Blob /Data factory/Databricks/SQL)  To sign up for MAG  End-user personas and their needs  Analysis of MAG data  Analysis of planning for data mapping and key performance indicators (KPIs) from MAG data  Define customer user acceptance testing (UAT) requirements

Week 2 - 3 Weeks 2 and 3 will focus on the following activities:  ETL jobs for MAG data by Azure Databricks/Azure Data Factory  Using Azure Data and provide services to design and develop dashboard reports  User acceptance testing with key stakeholder to ensure data accuracy and integrity in reports

Week 4 Activities for week 4 include:  Understand how to train Azure Databricks and modeling  Powerful data insights based on which they can take informed decisions  Provide operational guidance so that IT can manage reports within the deployed environment