Azure Integration Services: 1-Month Proof of Concept

345 Technology Ltd

This project demonstrates how integrating using Azure can help transform your business and accelerate your cloud journey.

Integration is all about getting your systems connected and information flowing seamlessly both internally and externally. With an Azure Integration Proof of Concept project, you can see this great technology in action, and apply this to your own business. This proof of concept project gives you a deep dive so you can fully evaluate the suitability of Azure Integration Services for your business.


If your systems are not connected together you are left with functional silos within your business. Connected is good. Your systems and data are more than the sum of their parts. Integration means your suppliers can send you updates through a secure external API. It means you can automate data updates, whether that be a single row in a database or a file of a million transactions.


Azure Integration Services provides a complete integration suite of features delivered as Integration Platform-as-a-Service. With powerful API management and robust external protection through to easily configured workflow processes, you can use this stack to get information flowing around your business and keep things in sync in real time.



During the project we will do the following: • Demonstrate the developer experience and show you the tooling and processes needed for success. • Demonstrate a working DevOps toolchain, using Azure DevOps or your preferred toolchain, that runs from the developer workstation to a deployment in Azure. • Deploy our Azure Integration Reference Architecture into a new subscription, which can be hosted either by you or us. • We will deliver 2 of your business use cases so you get a demonstration of real integrations relevant to your business. • We will document the PoC solution for you so you have a starting point on which to base a production implementation.


At the end of the project, we’ll deliver the following: • A working integration solution delivered into a non-production environment located in Azure. This can be in your tenant or we’ll create a subscription for you to assess the technology. • An architecture and design document describing the integration solution. This will include the Azure components used, the functional and non-functional design and information on what you’ll need to do to put the solution into production. • A 2-hour presentation and Q&A session where we present the solution and take questions from your team.


The project will primarily run from our premises. Depending on your preferences we will attend meetings and presentations at your premises or hold these via Teams.