Azure Economic Assessment: 4 Week Assessment

3Cloud, LLC

Cost-effectively make the move to Azure

Cloud migration and the implementation of your cloud strategy is not just about the technology, it’s about complex decisions and prioritizations based on business objectives, people, and processes, as well as managing risks. The 3Cloud Azure Economic Assessment delivers data-driven insights for Azure migration, including an economic analysis, application prioritization, and reference architecture.

Our assessment leverages Microsoft and 3Cloud IP to survey your environment, map dependencies, aggregate findings, uncover analytics, and apply advanced models to generate cloud optimization recommendations along with economic forecasting within a 99% confidence interval. We then use our proprietary 3Cloud 360 tool to give you a seamless and interactive dashboard that lets you dive into the details of our optimization recommendations and cost estimates, including the ability to drill down on individual applications, environments, data centers and more.

Engagement Outline: • Discovery • Data Collection • Client Feedback • Workshop / Feedback Review • Analysis • Final readout and recommended next steps (3Cloud proposal)