Azure Application Inception: 2 Week Assessment

3Cloud, LLC

Discover and prioritize the business requirements for your new or modified application in Azure.

Are you looking to incorporate new business functionality into an existing application, or create a new application to perform a specific function? 3Cloud’s Application Inception is a business-focused workshop designed to capture the scope of a custom Application Development effort.

Application Inception, by enabling Azure by aligning to Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework and security best practices, works with your team to discover exactly what the business requirements are for this application, focusing on functionality and efficiency, to gain insights into your specific needs.

As part of the Inception process, we will develop a prioritized backlog which will allow us to seamlessly move into another engagement to build the app. To begin this engagement, the 3Cloud development teams will do a deeper dive into the backlog, defining success criteria and planning out the first few sprints of the application development phase.

How is an Application Inception different than a traditional Architecture Design Session?

  • Highly structured
  • Business-focused
  • Produces deliverables
  • Agile methodology
  • Provides preliminary project estimate and cost structure