Data & AI Platform Roadmap with Microsoft Fabric

3Cloud, LLC

Understand Microsoft Fabric & reshape how your entire team leverages data for a competitive advantage

As the landscape of tools for data acquisition, data engineering, analytics and data science has grown, organizations are having to spend more and more time managing integrations and architectures across multiple platforms, which ultimately creates roadblocks and hurdles to the business being able to quickly and effectively make data-informed decisions.

In this two-day workshop, we walk through current and desired future state of modern analytics and opportunities and challenges related to enterprise-wide implementation. Together, we discuss strategy, desired state, data culture, governance, adoption and enablement.

• Learn the architecture & capabilities of Microsoft Fabric • Uncover business value of Microsoft Fabric and the impacts to your data & analytics initiatives • Prioritize use cases for adopting Microsoft Fabric • Create high-level adoption roadmap emphasizing managed self-service analytics

Take part in an immersive workshop, led by 3Cloud experts, to identify, prioritize and quantify use cases while mapping out requirements to future state Azure architecture. 3Cloud has built a Power Apps application that is integrated with Azure AI to do live demos with your data to prototype the use cases. With each use case, we document the problem, solution, projected business value and estimated cost.