AI Roadmap - 1 Week

3Cloud, LLC

Accelerate your AI journey by identifying use cases and developing a roadmap with the help of 3Cloud's Data and AI team.

3Cloud's AI Roadmap will provide your team with identified and quantified AI use cases and an AI roadmap to support the development of a business case and action plan for your organization to transform by adopting Azure AI.

Microsoft funding available for qualified customers.

Outcomes: Identified and Quantified Use Cases • Uncover use cases within your organization using 3Cloud's AI Demo Application to generate ideas • Collaborate with business stakeholders to quantify the business value of your AI use cases and make informed decisions • Prioritize use cases to gain alignment and ease of next steps implementation

Initial Solution Architecture • Discovery of your current Azure environment and AI readiness leads to recommendations for proper implementation • Immersive workshops help map current business requirements to future state Azure architecture • Design a high-level architecture for the prioritized use case

Azure AI Roadmap • Develop an Azure AI Roadmap to accelerate your organization's AI journey • Streamline implementation with clear next steps to quickly unlock the business value of your use cases