Security and Compliance Managed Services: 4-Wk Imp

4M Soluções e Tecnologia Ltda

4MSTech’s Security and Compliance Managed Services provide management of customers Microsoft Cloud environments using Azure security components and addresses customer compliance needs.

4MSTech provides operation and management of Microsoft Cloud customers using latest Azure security and compliance components.

Customers beginning the Journey to the Cloud usually do not have personnel trained and experienced with Microsoft 365 and Azure and an experienced partner as 4MSTech can be used to enhance maturity level of customers. Security and Compliance can be a challenge on a Cloud environment and Microsoft has lots of integrated solutions 4MSTech uses to deliver top quality services.

This service includes design, delivery and daily operational management and support of compute, storage, and virtual network infrastructure in Azure. 4MSTech monitor and manage system software, infrastructure configurations, security components and service consumption using proven processes and tools. In addition, our cost control and governance help avoid unplanned Cloud consumption.

Service Delivery is split in 3 phases (with some basic deliverables):

  • Phase I - Discovery and transition from existing management team
    • Cloud Migration Plan (optional)
    • Documentation of processes and tools in place
    • Security focus
  • Phase II - Gap analysis and model implementation
    • As-is x to-be mapping (people, processes, tools)
    • Governance model (escalation, cost management)
  • Phase III - On-going
    • SLA per environment and needs
    • Continuous Improvement

Service Details: 24x7 Support - 24x7 Monitoring - Capacity Management - Security, Compliance and Governance - Cost Control - Cloud Architecture as a Service - Disaster Recovery Design