Windows Virtual Desktop - 10 Day Proof of Concept

848 Group

Tailored Windows Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept

Experience Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) within your organisation and see for yourself how Microsoft’s new cloud based virtual desktop can help you deliver business change.

848 will work with you to deploy a tailored WVD PoC to provide a remote desktop or published applications via a web browser or WVD client through developing an understanding of your business requirements, develop a strategy for secure remote working utilising Microsoft Azure and M365 technologies, and continually assess and monitor the user experience. This will enable 848 to deliver a successful PoC to the benefit of your organisation and help you transition a a modern desktop infrastructure.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop? Windows Virtual Desktop is a desktop and app virtualization service that runs in the Azure cloud. Built upon existing Microsoft Azure technologies it enable secure access to resources and applications running on Windows 10, Windows Server and Windows 7 desktops with a unified management experience. For organisations that still require Windows 7 for backwards compatibility with the application estate it provides Windows 7 virtual desktops with free extended security updates.

Scope of the Windows Virtual Desktop PoC: Plan • Workshop including: o Overview of WVD 2020 Spring release o Review of existing customer licensing o Review of PoC users o Review of application estate o Review of existing core infrastructure o Review of existing identity and security including Azure AD, AD, Azure Security Services, M365 Security and any 3rd party security products o Review of existing client configuration o Review of availability and disaster recovery requirements • High level design and project plan of PoC implementation Build • Deployment of WVD (Previously known as Spring 2020 edition) as per high level design in existing customer Azure subscription • Installation and publishing of up to 5 applications and Office 365 • Configuraton documentation Run • PoC user onboarding • PoC review