Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions: 3-Month Implementation

ABCloudZ, Inc.

We offer tailored BI solutions to fit your needs and budget. Take advantage of our expertise in Microsoft tools to unlock data-driven insights through enhanced data analytics and visualizations.

Our BI solution implementation service caters to a wide range of users, from business analysts and data professionals to executives and decision-makers, who want to unlock valuable insights from their data to drive strategic decisions and enhance business performance.

To provide you with a cohesive perspective of enterprise data, irrespective of its format or location, we offer the Data Fabric architecture approach. This innovative strategy harnesses the power of metadata, machine learning, and AI-driven automation of data management, including discovery, cataloging, preparation, migration, validation, and monitoring, drastically reducing time to insight. It enables enterprises to redirect their focus from data availability to business innovation supporting business intelligence, data science, and embedded analytics.

The implementation of Data Fabric brings forth a range of benefits:

– End-to-end augmented data engineering and AI/ML capabilities from ingestion to consumption and action
– AI-augmented data profiling, cataloging, transformation, and movement capabilities
– Focusing on data exploration and experimentation on business use cases rather than spending effort on data management and engineering
– Accelerated innovation for the technology executives

Basic Implementation Stages and Steps

We customize the implementation process to align with your specific business goals and constraints.

The core stages in your action plan for BI solution implementation, regardless of your business size and available resources, will include:

– Data Preparation

  • Gather and clean data from various sources (engaging, e.g., Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory)
  • Create a centralized operational data storage, data lake, or data warehouse if needed (e.g., Azure Synapse storage, Azure Data Lake storage, Azure SQL Data Warehouse)
  • Ensure data quality and consistency (with, e.g., Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Analysis Services, HDInsight, Apache Spark)

– BI Visualization Tool Environment Setup

  • Install/configure BI tool (e.g., Power BI)
  • Connect to data sources (e.g., ODBC drivers)
  • Create basic data models and visualizations

– Report Development

  • Design essential reports and dashboards (e.g., SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Data Marts)
  • Define critical KPIs and metrics

– Deployment

  • Publish reports to BI Service (e.g., Power BI)
  • Set up user access and permissions
  • Ensure data security and compliance

Individual scenarios may include other stages like data architecting and integration (warehousing), comprehensive reporting, user training, solution scalability, security, governance, compliance, etc.

The final cost depends on the complexity of your data sources, the number of users, and the level of customization. The project duration is influenced by the size of your organization, the extent of data integration, and the complexity of report design. Typically, our implementations range from a few weeks to a few months.

What The Customer Gains

  • Data integration from multiple sources
  • Streamlined data extraction, transformation, and loading processes
  • Interactive and real-time data visualization in customized dashboards and reports
  • Improved data visibility and insights
  • Enhanced decision-making capabilities
  • User training and support (if required)

Our Microsoft Competencies

To improve your BI solution, we can integrate it with powerful Microsoft solutions like Excel, SharePoint, Azure SQL Database, Dynamics 365, and Salesforce, for seamless collaboration and data sharing, creating a comprehensive, end-to-end solution.

Below, we would like to highlight a few of our specific competencies that may interest you on your BI solution implementation journey:

– App Development
Our expertise in app integrations encompasses Microsoft SharePoint, PowerApps, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Static Web Apps, and Azure App Service. We also build integrations with AI services like Azure OpenAI, Azure Cognitive Service and Azure Machine Learning.

– Data Platform Engineering
We create tailored data infrastructures to set a foundation for your app or help you store your data in secure storages and data warehouses, e.g., Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

– Database Monitoring
We implement database monitoring to keep your data secure and running smoothly. Our team configures Azure Monitor and third-party services to ensure 24/7 monitoring of your Azure data infrastructure.

– Database Migration
Leveraging a variety of Azure solutions like Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Database for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB, we provide secure and efficient transitions from on-premises DBs to cloud.