Operational Data Management: 2-Day Assessment

ABCloudZ, Inc.

Our ODM service provides the people, processes, and products to maintain your existing data infrastructure, as well as generating proactive roadmaps to modernize every aspect of your data environment.

Experience the smooth operation of your Azure or on-premises SQL Server data infrastructure with ABCloudz Operational Data Management Services. Enjoy uninterrupted backups and timely updates as we excel in managing Azure SQL databases and on-premises SQL servers through our Microsoft Partnership and a team of 25+ Microsoft-certified specialists, guaranteeing unmatched expertise in every aspect. The ABCloudz team has extensive experience with the Azure technology stack, ensuring our technical prowess covers your Azure infrastructure, data governance, data security, and data quality.

Transparency lies at the heart of our approach. We offer a comprehensive overview of our support services, accurate cost estimates, and realistic timelines. At ABCloudz, trust, care, and competence are of utmost importance as we handle your data infrastructure as if it were our own.

We adapt to your evolving needs, whether it involves monitoring your Azure SQL Database using our custom solutions, Azure Monitor, or Azure SQL Database Advisor, monitoring your on-premises SQL Server with preferred database tools like Zabbix or SolarWinds, or assisting you in selecting the perfect tool that aligns with your requirements.

To help you understand the issues that hinder your databases from achieving optimal performance, identify challenges that inflate your cloud expenses, and pinpoint areas that require optimization, we provide a comprehensive two-day assessment of your Azure SQL database, SQL Servers on Azure Virtual Machines, or on-premises SQL Servers. Whether used as a standalone service or as the initial step in our operational data management, this assessment will assist you in reviewing and optimizing your hardware configurations (such as physical memory and platform feasibility), server configurations (including Azure Managed Instance configuration and NUMA Nodes), database configurations (such as backup information and auto-scaling with Azure SQL Database Elastic Pool), and complex queries (such as index fragmentation and lock wait statistics). By addressing all aspects of your database infrastructure, we empower you to meet both immediate and long-term requirements that will drive you towards data management excellence.

After conducting a thorough analysis of the health assessment results, our ODM team will provide you with a comprehensive report that reveals the complete panorama of your data infrastructure, highlighting areas with potential for improvement. This detailed assessment will serve as the foundation for recommending one of our three tailored Operational Data Management plans that precisely align with your unique requirements.

Choose from our three plans:

Light ODM Plan: Ideal for companies needing periodic L3 support for Azure SQL databases or on-premises SQL Servers, occasional monitoring and alerting, and backup incident management for their support team.

Standard ODM Plan: Perfect for businesses looking to enhance their DB support teams or manage moderately complex Azure data infrastructures. This plan includes L2, L3, and escalation support, along with monitoring and alerting for DB resources using tools like Azure Monitor, OS and service monitoring, and on-demand health checks.

Premium ODM Plan: Tailored for enterprise customers requiring support beyond the standard model. It offers 365x24x7 L1, L2, and L3 support, development of SOPs for resolving common Azure SQL database or on-premises SQL Server errors, server comparisons, continuous health checks, DB monitoring, backup and disaster recovery services like Azure Availability Zones, and other on-demand database management practices.

Achieve unparalleled productivity in your data infrastructure, have all your data management challenges covered, and experience peace of mind with ABCloudz as your trusted partner for operational data management.