Cloud Migration - 4 Week Implementation

abersoft inc

Providing you with expert Cloud migration strategies tailored to your business needs, with an emphasis on reducing costs and increasing performance.

Migrating your current systems to the Cloud can be an intimidating task, especially when you aren't sure where to begin. Abersoft's Cloud Migration Implementation will evaluate your current situation and create and implement a strategy that best fits your business into the Cloud.

The benefits of migrating to Microsoft's Azure Cloud include:

  • Spend less money and time managing your datacenter
  • Optimize costs and migrate data with confidence
  • Stay secure and resilient across hybrid environments
  • Scale your applications and workloads on demand
  • Migrate any kind of mission-critical workload to Azure

Abersoft will help you through the cloud migration process through:

  • A deep-dive into your current systems and setting our goals and expectations for the migration.
  • Evaluating performance, security, and cost requirements for the Cloud.
  • Determining migration methods for each item and identifying areas that need to be refactored before the migration to the Cloud.
  • Create a training plan for your business to get your employees up to speed on operating with the Cloud.
  • Develop a transition plan to minimize interruptions to your business operations.