Sharepoint workflow automation: 6 weeks implementation

Abylon Consulting

Document workflow automation using the Docuflow platform to modernize SharePoint-based document review and approval processes.

Creating custom document workflows in Microsoft SharePoint was always a difficult tasks. There were no out-of-the-box solutions for this. Not anymore! The Abylon Docuflow platform provides a flexible, enterprise grade solution to modernize any Microsoft 365 and Microsoft SharePoint-based document review and approval workflow, enabling employees to streamline an otherwise slow and inefficient process.

The platform provides a collaborative space for submitting, editing, reviewing and commenting documents in Microsoft 365 products such as Word or PowerPoint. The edited documents are saved and managed in easily searchable Microsoft SharePoint repositories.

Installing and running the solution in the Microsoft Azure cloud enables enhanced collaboration, so users can work simultaneously on the same documents, speeding up the review and approval process, hence improving decision making in general. The sophisticated user and access right management, guarantees that users see only the comments relevant to their access level.

The platform can be used to upgrade a wide array of everyday company procedures ranging from management of regulatory document, supporting procurement processes, reviewing and approving contracts or other important business documents to the internal brainstorming of new marketing materials. For the most typical scenarios ready-to-use modules are available.

The use of the Abylon Docuflow platform adds considerable flexibility and improves processing speed through the use of automations for any document related workflows within any on-premise or cloud-based (Azure-based) enterprise environment.