Application Migration Audit: 5-Days Assessment


Are you ready to start your application transformation? Seasoned Azure consultants will help you identify the most efficient app migration process tailored to your current readiness and needs!

Looking for a cost-effective and time-conscious way to boost your application performance?

Our services are best suited to the needs and challenges of technology executives looking to implement strategic competitive advantages for their organizations, regardless of their size and industry domain.

Benefits for you

Tired of wasting money and time on maintaining your on-premise applications?

Struggling to determine the right path to implementing app migration?

You can now identify the most efficient way to perform a migration, tailored to your current readiness, so you can start reaping benefits right away!


The assessment is performed by experienced Azure consultants and engineers who will work with all stakeholders on your side to:

  • Identify workloads and collect information;
  • Analyze current environment state;
  • Determine objectives and timeframes;
  • Plan Azure environment structure;
  • Determine correct sizing of Azure resources;
  • Plan for scaling;
  • Determine Monitoring, Backup and Disaster recovery options.


You’ll be provided with a comprehensive report on the current cloud readiness of your application, as well as documented migration plan with recommended steps and key objectives. You will also benefit from having practical estimates for timeframe, effort, and cost to assess the impact of migration.

Thanks to a targeted, and in-depth Application Migration Assessment, you will be confident to start your application transformation smart.

Learn more in the presentation below: