Azure IaaS Migration: 2-Weeks PoC


Explore safely the benefits of Azure by having a Proof-of-Concept implemented by а Microsoft AI Cloud Partner, with proven competencies in Azure consulting, strategy, and implementation.

Tired of wasting money and time on maintaining your on-premise applications? Looking for a cost-effective and time-conscious way to assess the benefits of introducing Azure?

Our services are best suited to the needs and challenges of technology executives looking to implement strategic competitive advantages for their organizations, regardless of their size and industry domain.

Benefits for you

Improve efficiency and reduce costs by moving workload to the cloud! Explore Azure's benefits through a Proof-of-Concept developed and implemented by a trusted partner with proven expertise in consulting, strategy, and implementation of Azure solutions.


The PoC implementation is performed by experienced Azure consultants and engineers who will work with all stakeholders on your side to:

  • Evaluate Azure in accordance with key considerations tailored to your workload;
  • Outline and compare Azure technologies best suited to your IT landscape;
  • Estimate schedule and effort for implementation, according to your budget and performance requirements;
  • Execute PoC with select Azure resources.


Our team will build and configure a test environment in Azure that can be used to evaluate workloads and compare available technologies.

At the end of the engagement, you will also have documentation handed over, detailing recommended Azure architecture, advice on performance improvements, and a costs matrix, so that you can assess the viability of different environment configurations.

Thanks to a practical PoC implementation, you will be confident to assess the full value of Azure cloud!

Learn more in the presentation below: