Azure Technical Audit: 1-Week Assessment


Remove limitations to optimal performance, have Accedia consultants do a deep dive into your existing solution structure and suggest an approach to overcoming your technology challenges.

Whether you want to introduce innovation, or you are facing a technology obstacle, an expert versed in both the technology and the business domain may not always be around. A well-structured technical audit considers your strategic priorities, and leverages technical expertise to provide you independent assessment of your current software solution and suggest the optimal way forward. As part of the Azure technical audit our experts will look into the following aspects of your IT systems:

  • System Architecture and effective use of available resources
  • Source Code quality & maintainability
  • Usability and Accessibility of the front-end
  • Performance & Scalability of the back-end
  • Security & Data Privacy
  • Quality Assurance processes, test coverage, etc.
  • DevOps Processes & efficiency
  • Documentation quality and level of detail

During a period of 1 week our team will look into every detail, identify any gaps and points for improvement and come up with not only a detailed audit report but also a set of recommendations for resolution of all identified issues.

Find out more about our Azure expertise in the presentation below: