Cloud Security Readiness: 3 Week Assessment

Accenture - Poland

With Cloud Security Readiness Assessment, Accenture helps customer to assess information security risks, legal and compliance challenges and plan secure cloud implementation.

CHALLENGES Companies are looking to maximize their security posture and minimize business risk as they evaluate if (and which) cloud offering meets their business requirements. There are still security challenges (internal/external, legal) that each business has to face when moving towards cloud adoption or a cloud first strategy, but there are solutions for many of these challenges. Cloud Security Readiness Assessment refers to the decision making processes, criteria and policies involved in the planning, architecture, acquisition, deployment, operation and management of security capabilities for cloud computing. SOLUTION An effective Cloud Security Readiness Assessment is essential for effective and secure cloud computing implementation. Microsoft’s Security solutions and Cloud Security Readiness Assessment supports effective and secure cloud implementation, including:

  • Protection from the potential geographical and legal liability
  • Structure to optimize the allocation of resources
  • Assurance of security policy compliance
  • Foundation for effective risk & compliance management
  • Data security assurance
  • Continuous monitoring of security controls WHAT YOU WILL GET?
  1. Comprehensive report with holistic view on security requirements for cloud implementation customized to your IT architecture and environment;
  2. Recommendation of best security practices ensuring consistent approach for secure cloud implementation;
  3. Framework for developing action plan/roadmap including tools and processes supporting secure cloud implementation.