Accenture Health on Azure FY23


Multi-purpose platform to process, standardize and normalize clinical data from divergent sources.

Health on Azure is built around the HL7 FHIR specification and runs exclusively on Azure PaaS and SaaS services including Azure Synapse, Cognitive Services, Cosmos DB, and Azure Active Directory. A cloud driven, standards-based data platform with a researcher, focused interface that enables clinicians and researchers to leverage the data they already have combined with additional data sources to affectively meet their objectives to deliver precision medicine. An Azure based data platform combined with third-party data products and custom Accenture components, the core is FHIR compliant clinical repository with our REST API. Initially, we are delivering a product on this platform called Cohort Browser that enables clinicians and researchers to work with very large medical data sets and develop custom cohort definitions. Our PowerBI dashboards can then be used to compare patient outcomes based on these definitions driving both anonymized research and precision medicine delivery.