Accenture 5G Cloud Box Quality Inspection Consulting Service


On-premise Microsoft Private LTE/5G cellular network within a manufacturing site to deliver high speed, flexible connectivity to high-definition wireless cameras detecting real-time product defects.

Product quality is one of the most important drivers for the success of an organization; however, employees do make mistakes and machines and equipment do have breakdowns which impact production quality. Hence, is necessary to implement an efficient quality inspection system in order to ensure that the delivered products meet the specifications required by the customer.

Accenture 5G Cloud box is a private 5G network built on Azure private MEC integrated with both Azure Private 5G Core and Accenture’s video analytics software to deliver real-time, low latency quality inspection. Quality inspection during the product manufacturing process ensures standardization and uniformity comparing product quality with the standards and specifications. Quality inspection also reduces manufacturing costs and rejection losses, and assigns causes to the production of a defective product.