Managed Azure Virtual Desktop - Managed Service for Azure Virtual Desktop environments

Advania Finland Oy

Azure Virtual Desktop is not a turnkey service – who is going to run it for you?

Microsoft has abstracted the Azure Virtual Desktop technology stack and is responsible for infrastructure and the functionality of the service platform. Even though Azure Virtual Desktop is the state of the art Desktop Virtualization technology with significantly less infrastructure needs, there are still responsibilities that someone has to take care of - Someone has to take care of

Identity and Access Management Network Service monitoring Responding to alerts and break/fix support Operating system and application management Security Management

Advania's Managed Service offering helps customer to mitigate service management needs

BASE - For customers who want to outsource time consuming tasks related to their IT infrastructure management to free up own time for development and modernization work Advania can help with breakdowns and other situations by agreement separately or in pre-defined emergency work.

STANDARD - For customers who want to outsource part of their IT infrastructure tasks to Advania. The perfect solution for companies that want to minimize the time spent on daily IT operations. Well suited to maintaining an existing environment

PREMIUM - For customers who want Advania to take full responsibility for their company's IT environment as a service. Proactive development work together with the Customer